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YES, AMERICA IS RIGGED AGAINST WORKERS “The United States is the only advanced industrial nation that doesn’t have national laws guaranteeing paid maternity leave. It is also the only advanced economy that doesn’t guarantee workers any vacation, paid or unpaid, and the only highly developed country (other … Continue reading

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THE GOOD OLD DAYS BEFORE UNIONS If you are too young to remember them, don’t worry.  They are coming back fast. You soon will get to relive the thrill of low wages, little training, crushed limbs, 12 hour workdays and … Continue reading

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CHECK OUT THE “COMPARE CONTRACTS” BUTTON ABOVE FEDSMILL.com has assembled copies of significant labor-management master agreements in the federal government and made them available in the Menu bar button above entitled “Compare Contracts.” These contracts will give you a good … Continue reading

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23 SOCIAL MEDIA RULES NLRB BELIEVES ARE ILLEGAL The NLRB, which regulates private sector labor relations, has launched a full-scale assault on social media usage rules management has imposed on its employees.  The Board is fighting any effort by employers … Continue reading

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FREE NEGOTIATIONS TRAINING VIDEOS Ye olde Internet is an amazing place to get help with almost anything, and teaching union leaders how to negotiate is one of its strong points.  FEDSMILL.com advises that you start with Youtube.com.

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SF-1187 DOLLAR INCENTIVE CAMPAIGNS How much should national union leaders offer for each new SF-1187?  NTEU has offered $25.00 incentives, AFGE $50.00, and NFFE $100.00.  What is the right amount?

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FREE ON-LINE FLSA TRAINING MATERIALS STEWARD ALERT!     The right to be paid for all the hours we work is about as fundamental right as employees have and not far behind that is the right to be paid at an overtime … Continue reading

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HOW TO GRIEVE PROMOTION INTERVIEW SCORES STEWARD ALERT!     As explained in FEDSMILL’s recent four-part series on how to grieve promotion decisions, one way is to challenge the promotion scores. A large part of those scores often comes from an interview. … Continue reading

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WHAT DO 27,000 LAWYERS TELL US ABOUT UNION POPULARITY? Martindale.com reports that 27,160 lawyers in this country make a living practicing labor or employment law.   So, no one should think that our workforce has lost its interest in employee rights … Continue reading

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