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  NEGOTIABILITY: FIRST, THE GOOD NEWS A new FLRA negotiability decision (NTEU, 68 FLRA 334 (2015)  makes it a little bit easier for unions to enforce merit-based promotion decisions—if they can convince management to include the concepts in their collective … Continue reading

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DEMANDING TOO MUCH EDUCATION EEOC recently put employers on notice that they may violate the law if they demand more education to compete for a job than is actually required to be successful. Here is their reasoning.

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HOW TO GRIEVE PROMOTION INTERVIEW SCORES STEWARD ALERT!     As explained in FEDSMILL’s recent four-part series on how to grieve promotion decisions, one way is to challenge the promotion scores. A large part of those scores often comes from an interview. … Continue reading

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HOW UNIONS GET UNIT MEMBERS PROMOTED MEMBER ALERT! Almost every time someone is promoted other applicants get passed over. Often, the passed over applicants feel they were just as qualified or even better qualified than the selectee. Sometimes they even … Continue reading

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GRIEVING NON-SELECTION FOR PROMOTION (Pt. 4 – Regs) At this point, the union has built a grievance that levels allegations of contract violations, probably a discrimination charge, and perhaps a ULP.  But there is at least one more claim it … Continue reading

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GRIEVING NON-SELECTION FOR PROMOTION (Part 3-ULPs) Another kind of discrimination management must avoid is anti-union animus or discrimination.  Title 5 USC 7116(a)(2) makes it an unfair labor practice for management “to encourage or discourage membership in any labor organization by … Continue reading

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GRIEVING NON-SELECTION FOR PROMOTION (Part 1) Ask a manager if you can grieve non-selection from a BQ list and you are likely to hear that you can’t. Some of them will even quote part of a federal regulation that bars … Continue reading

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