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IF YOU ARE GRIEVING THE LOSS OF TELEWORK… think about the remedy you are requesting.  Whether citing a ULP violation for a failure to bargain to impasse before implementing telework reductions or some contract violation, the simple remedy is that … Continue reading

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FLRA BOOSTS TELEWORK REMEDIES   Few things are as frustrating as winning a grievance, arbitration or ULP only to find that the sole remedy imposed is an order that management not violate the law or contract again.  FLRA claims that remedies should … Continue reading

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HERE COME THE REMOTE WORK GRIEVANCES Agencies are quickly moving to limit remote work now that the worst COVID pandemic appears to be behind us and we thought we would pass along what may be the best thought out union … Continue reading

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HEALTH & SAFETY WHILE TELEWORKING Given that the World Health Organization (WHO) has joined the building push to focus on this, it is time unions also paid attention.  The WHO Report is a good place to start your research on … Continue reading

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EEOC SUES TO ESTABLISH COVID TELEWORK ADA RIGHT Here we go. EEOC has gone to federal court to begin fleshing out a statutory right to telework under the ADA for those who qualify as disabled under the ADA and for … Continue reading

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DON’T LET EMPLOYEES PICK THEIR “WORK FROM HOME (WFH)” DAYS The “Harvard Business Review” just posted a very thoughtful research piece on adjusting telework schedules now that the epidemic is winding down. It is short, very understandable and something union … Continue reading

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EMPLOYEE AWARDED TELEWORK AND $30,000.00  An arbitrator found that the agency violated the Rehabilitation Act and the agreement by denying the grievant a reasonable accommodation. As remedy, he directed the agency to grant the grievant a telework schedule, and awarded $30,000 in … Continue reading

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BARGAINING TELEWORK AND THE MANSON FAMILY TWINS Expecting FLRA’s Abbott and Kiko to think even one baby step beyond their hatred of unions is like assuming Charley Manson will take good care of your pregnant wife while you are out … Continue reading

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DON’T STOP READING WITH THIS FMLA/ADA HEADLINE The Supreme Court just decided to not overturn a 7th Circuit decision that held a disabled employee was not entitled to additional leave once his/her FMLA leave ran out. The typical story headline reporting … Continue reading

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WHEN AN ORDER TO TELEWORK VIOLATES LAW While the Telework Act clearly prohibits agencies from ordering employees to participate in telework, that is not the only liability an agency has if it orders an employee to work from home. EEOC … Continue reading

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