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$300,000 FOR A DENIED REASSIGNMENT Employees almost never have the right to demand a reassignment to a different supervisor, job or location.  But if the employee has a disabling condition for which a reassignment would be a reasonable accommodation, the … Continue reading

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HOW TO AVOID THE “EXCESSIVE INTERFERENCE LITE” TRAP Now that Trump’s two operatives on the FLRA have made clear their intention to weaken unions and collective bargaining, unions would be wise to counter the pending onslaught of precedent-trashing decisions from … Continue reading

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MADAME CHAIR, MEET MR. NEWTON Sir Isaac Newton that is. We are suggesting this hook-up because you and your fellow Trumpian traveler seem to have forgotten about his third law of motion, namely, that for every action there is an … Continue reading

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CONGRATULATIONS, VELVA! YOU HAVE JUST WON 12 YEARS OF BACK PAY PLUS … These employees getting a decade or more of back pay for standing up for themselves must feel like the “Publishers Clearing House” van just backed into their driveway. … Continue reading

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NFFE ARBITRATION WIN IN THE TIME OF #METOO Although there has been a seismic shift on the media’s and public’s willingness to believe and support those reporting sexual harassment, it will be a while before we know how the #Metoo … Continue reading

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ARBITRATOR’S ALERT: FLRA BUILDS A BIGGER TRAP FOR ARBITRATORS President Trump has installed his two operatives on the FLRA and they have set about deciding what they consider to be “fake law.” Among their first moves was to make it … Continue reading

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YANKING OUR YO-YOS: ABROGATE AT ALL V. EXCESSIVE INTERFERENCE V. ENFORCEABILITY As Kiko and Abbott pointed out in their recent decision terminating the “abrogate at all” arbitration review test in favor of a watered down excessive interference test the FLRA … Continue reading

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WANT TO WORK AT HOME AS A REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION? Back on January 2014 we wrote about an employee’s potential right to work at home if s/he otherwise qualifies for a reasonable accommodation. The post was entitled, “Want to Telework as … Continue reading

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WELCOME TO I&I RESOLUTIONS If nothing else, labor relations is about managing conflict, and the better one is at doing that the better the job one is likely to do. A couple of ex- federal employees with a ton of … Continue reading

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HATCH ACT GUIDANCE ON SOCIAL MEDIA The federal election season is already underway and that means it is time to brush up on what the Hatch Act allows feds to do and prohibits them from doing. The Office of Special … Continue reading

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