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FUBAR: GSA’S TOWER OF BABEL According to the Bible, when God saw all the people of earth uniting under one language and how powerful that would make them, God spoke these words, “let us go down, and there confound their … Continue reading

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FUBAR: MSPB’S HALF-PREGNANT EMPLOYEE There is a reason why this is the first article you have ever read about a half-pregnant employee. It is the same reason you have not come across stories about the half-dead. Pregnancy and death are … Continue reading

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FLRA FUBAR: THE PAST PRACTICE “ACQUIESCENCE” MESS The FLRA has done a lot of good, and it has had moments where it neither helped nor harmed.  But there also have been times when it has Fouled Up Beyond All Reason … Continue reading

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FLRA FUBAR: ARBITRATING PROBATIONARY TERMINATIONS In December 2011 the Authority had a chance in NTEU, 66 FLRA 416 to fix an error it made decades ago that denied unions and agencies the right to consolidate the numerous appeal options of … Continue reading

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FLRA FUBAR: THE FORMAL DISCUSSION MESS “Formal discussions” are the most common labor-management interactions in the federal sector.  With tens of thousands of managers, there are likely over 100,000 a year.  But, thanks to FLRA, the concept is probably the … Continue reading

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