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AFGE’S STROKE OF LITIGATION GENIUS FLRA Member Jim Abbott wanders around town declaring that he is a “strict constructionist” or someone to applies the law as it is written without much, if any, consideration of tradition, common sense, legislative history, … Continue reading

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CONGRATS TO AFGE FOR ITS CIVIL RIGHTS PASSION The media carried a story today about how an AFGE rep from the TSA went to see a Georgia Congressman about issues important to his members and the Congressman’s constituents.  As the … Continue reading

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WHAT AGENCIES THINK WHEN UNIONS TERMINATE THEIR OWN LEADERS AFGE recently terminated its second highest elected official, which makes this a good time to think through how agencies might react and unions can counter those reactions.

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AFGE DEFIES THE MEMBERSHIP GROWTH ODDS The Congress has severely restrained agency funding for years, which should mean that unions are finding it harder and harder to add more members. But AFGE has not only managed to beat the odds … Continue reading

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NICE TOUCH, AFGE, AND THANKS, MARK ROTH Normally, in any political organization the system is designed to give all the credit for anything good that happens for the members to the top elected official. While there are some legitimate reasons … Continue reading

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AFGE FIGHTS AND WINS ANOTHER CIVIL RIGHTS BATTLE Some unions had periods in their history when they were downright hostile to civil rights struggles, some unions even today handle civil rights cases but not as part of a core strategy … Continue reading

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WOW! AFGE’S GUIDE TO FIGHTING DISCRIMINATION  AFGE has published online a 170-page roadmap to the EEO complaint process for employees and union reps that underscores two things about the union. First is its obviously deep commitment to civil rights issues.  … Continue reading

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AFGE CELEBRATES ITS NOT-SO-SECRET SUCCESS FORMULA Even a quick check of AFGE’s current  national newsletter will give you an idea of how proud and happy the union is to have achieved an on-going level of 300,000 dues paying members. While … Continue reading

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AFGE PRECEDENT LEADS TO CONTRACTING OUT BACK PAY VICTORY There have been a half-dozen or so cases over the years where unions have tried to get back pay for bargaining unit employees when the agency contracted out some or all … Continue reading

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COX OVERWHELMS AFGE, CONGRATS Back in 2012 David Cox won the AFGE National Presidency in a squeaker with 51% of the vote, but a short three years later he roared back into the job last week with 63% of the … Continue reading

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