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NEGOTIATING COVID-19 IMPACT ISSUES Once our President has completed his Clorox Chewables treatments we can expect him to order the feds to head back to the office—if for no other reason than he needs that PR to boost the pressure … Continue reading

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NFFE BECOMES A BENCHMARK UNION In real estate it is Location, Location, Location. In unions it is Membership, Membership, Membership that is the single most important, quantitative measure of the quality of a union. For years we have shined a … Continue reading

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WHY CAN’T PARTIAL TERM AGREEMENTS BE IMPLEMENTED? FLRA has held section 7114(c) contemplates that a negotiated agreement generally will be treated as an integrated and complete document rather than as a collection of articles and sections. It has pointed to … Continue reading

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COMPENSATION FOR A LONGER (& ILLEGAL) COMMUTE In labor relations it is next to impossible to get paid for the time spent commuting to and from work no matter what the violation of law, regulation or contract.  But the EEOC … Continue reading

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FLRA WILL DESTROY LABOR ARBITRATION UNLESS ARBITRATORS DO THIS In 2017 Trump filled the majority of the seats on the Federal Labor Relations Authority from his stockpile of political operatives who understand the need to crush unions and employee rights … Continue reading

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THE ABBOTT-KIKO ARBITRATION OVERTIME SWINDLE After 40 years of FLRA upholding virtually all arbitrator decisions granting employees retroactive overtime pay for violations of the labor agreement, regulation, past practices or law, the two Trump FLRA appointees have conspired to swindle … Continue reading

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WHAT DID THIS UNION DO WRONG? Here are the facts. See if you can figure out two things the union did wrong.  The agency had a practice of placing a guard at each of its strategically important locations around its property every … Continue reading

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FEDS OVER 40 CATCH A BREAK The Trump Administration tried to slash federal employee rights to fight age discrimination, but on April 6, 2020 the Supreme Court slapped them down hard. The Trumpetteers wanted to force feds to have to … Continue reading

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