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FLRA BOOSTS TELEWORK REMEDIES   Few things are as frustrating as winning a grievance, arbitration or ULP only to find that the sole remedy imposed is an order that management not violate the law or contract again.  FLRA claims that remedies should … Continue reading

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COVID-19, THE ADA, THE REHABILITATION ACT, OTHER EEO LAWS, AND ULPs Along with the surge on COVID cases our county is experiencing there is a surge in employee requests for union help in connection with those who get the disease … Continue reading

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EEOC OK’S “REQUIREMENT” THAT EMPLOYEES RECEIVE COVID-19 VACCINE This is an important point in the inevitable litigation fight over whether employers can require staff to be vaccinated that is well reported by our friends at FMLA Insights.

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HOW TO LOSE MILLIONS FOR MEMBERS Recently, an agency served notice on each of the two unions that represent its employees that it plans to cut the awards program funding nearly in half. It currently distributes annually an amount of … Continue reading

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70-PLUS ELEMENTS OF NEGOTIATIONS LAW If you want to be a highly skilled negotiator–or just avoid being taken to the cleaners in a bargaining relationship–you had better know about the many, many points in the bargaining process where the law … Continue reading

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LABOR AGREEMENTS VERSUS EEO RIGHTS Because of her physical limitations, the employee was no longer qualified to perform her duties. According to EEOC, that obligates the agency to consider reassigning her to a position she can perform.  The agency refused … Continue reading

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