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CONGRATS TO NFFE FOR ORGANIZING YELLOWSTONE Everyone is out there trying to convince unorganized workers to join their union.  In the federal sector, some unions have directors of organizing with budgets, organizing staff, and IT support–and still do not succeed.  … Continue reading

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WE STAND CORRECTED; CONGRATS NFFE! No sooner had we posted the story about AFGE reporting 18 consecutive years of membership growth and concluded that they outdid everyone else then we learned that NFFE rocked the federal sector labor community by … Continue reading

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THANKS, NFFE, FOR AN IMPRESSIVE “TOOLBOX” We probably owe NFFE an apology for not mentioning this sooner, but it web site has jumped up several notches since we last checked it out thoroughly.  And one of the best feature is … Continue reading

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NFFE LIGHTS UP AUO-FLSA DISTINCTIONS FOR LEO PERSONNEL What do you do if law enforcement officers in your unit are suddenly switched to AUO compensation for work that for years they had been paid FLSA overtime to do?  Our advice … Continue reading

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A FSIP DECISION TO REMEMBER Although this one is about an old case, it is one you are likely to never uncover if looking for ways to solve a ULP problem.  Everyone knows that a union can pursue a ULP … Continue reading

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NFFE GOES A LITTLE LESS FEDERAL Here is something to watch.  The National Federation of Federal Employees just announced it now represents private sector, non-federal, non-governmental workers.  In July, the NLRB certified it as the representative of the “Golden Triangle … Continue reading

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WONDERFUL NFFE WEB SITES We like to recognize the really good local union web sites. Our hope is that highlighting the really good ones will give us all a little extra energy to improve what we have. Union web sites … Continue reading

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INTERESTING CONTRACT CLAUSES- NFFE & FOREST SERVICE   All union negotiators should be aware of what is in other contracts, but that can be hard to do as many exceed 200 pages. So, from time-to-time our small army of FEDSMILL … Continue reading

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ARE YOU “GETTIN’ ENOUGH”— FROM GRIEVANCES? (Part 1) One of the first mistakes a union can make when drafting a grievance is to not ask for enough of a remedy. Not only does the grievant potentially lose something she might … Continue reading

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CONGRATULATIONS AFGE AND NFFE AFGE just filed its annual LM report revealing that the number of dues paying members rose by almost 9,000 over last year’s report for a total of 289,023 dues paying members.  

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