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WE’RE HOOKING UP (FMLA and Disability Retirement) Look over to the right side of the page and you will find we have added two new links that will help you find answers quickly for your members. 

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GETTING MORE THAN 12 WEEKS OF FMLA LEAVE Despite the best efforts of the American education system to skip over the laws that will control the next 50 years of most students’ lives, generally high school graduates know that they … Continue reading

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FSIP ORDERS AGENCY TO REBUILD AFGE OFFICE AND BREAK ROOM What would you do if the agency unilateral changed a break room into a conference room, replaced the union office with a new break room that was one-third the size … Continue reading

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DAMAGE TO EMPLOYEE’S PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION COSTS AGENCY $4,000 EEOC just issued another decision awarding an employee $4,000 in damages for the “embarrassment, frustration, social isolation, and injury to his professional reputation” he suffered when his manager confronted him about his … Continue reading

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STATUTORY GOOD FAITH VERSUS CONTRACT GOOD FAITH The law requires that management engage in “good faith” bargaining with the union.  But the union is also permitted to argue that its contract contains a separate and additional obligation to bargain in … Continue reading

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BORDER PATROL COUNCIL SETS UNIFORM $$$ PRECEDENT The Border Patrol Council set a nice precedent for the rest of us whose members are required to purchase uniforms.  Thanks to what the arbitrator ruled was Customs and Border Protection’s rigidity, management … Continue reading

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POST-PIP PROTECTION Employees who successfully make it through a PIP walk on very thin ice for the 12 months afterwards.  If their performance falls below the required standard during those 365 days, they can be terminated without another PIP opportunity … Continue reading

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CONGRESSIONAL STAFFERS OWE MILLIONS IN UNPAID TAXES Great article posted in the Washington Post by Ed O’Keefe on 1/23/12.  It is another “gotta read” piece about the hypocrisy in Congress over raising enough money to fund the government—and federal employee … Continue reading

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NTEU PROVES FDIC PAY RAISES VIOLATE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT NTEU charged the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation with discriminating against its African-American employees and those 40 and over when it distributed performance awards. Last week an arbitrator agreed ruling that FDIC … Continue reading

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RETALIATION, SPOUSES, AND CATS News broke last week that retaliation against employees spiked last year.  So, thought it might be a good time to remind everyone what actions are considered retaliation and the options for dealing with it.

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