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THE “PLAINLY SUPERIOR” PROMOTION GRIEVANCE THEORY Never heard of it?  It is the argument to use when grieving non-selection from a list of properly ranked and rated best qualified employees.  At least this is one of the ways. Here is … Continue reading

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SES MAFIA FAMILIES If the term “mafia” is defined as a culturally-based organized criminal enterprise, then a good argument can be made that there is an active one operating within the Senior Executive Service (SES)–complete with its own territories, families, … Continue reading

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WHY AFGE SHOULD LEAVE THE AFL-CIO AFGE has been adding members faster than almost any other union in the country—over 100,000 the last 12 years. Obviously, it knows how to organize and how to convince employees to join. So, we want to take … Continue reading

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NTEU BREAKS THROUGH CONTRACTING OUT BARRIER Unions have had a hard time even slowing agencies down in their pursuit of outside contractors.  OMB removed a lot of the issues from negotiations by issuing a detailed government-wide regulation. The Supreme Court … Continue reading

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HAS MSPB GUTTED ADVERSE ACTION PROTECTIONS? It sure seems like that to us.  Imagine that you represent a group of ten GS-11 Claims Analysts, one GS-7 Claims Technician and one GS-5 Secretary. Then one day the group supervisor calls you … Continue reading

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DREADLOCK DISCRIMINATION Although we do not hear much about agencies prohibiting dreadlocks, we doubt the issue is over forever.  So, take a minute to see how to push back against an agency demand to be dredlock-free. Check out the EEOC … Continue reading

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