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ARE UNION SURPLUS FUNDS TEMPTING AGENCY TARGETS? You bet they are! We are not talking about a couple of million set aside for rainy days, but when unions sock away surplus wealth measured with eight digits to the left of … Continue reading

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AFGE’S STROKE OF LITIGATION GENIUS FLRA Member Jim Abbott wanders around town declaring that he is a “strict constructionist” or someone to applies the law as it is written without much, if any, consideration of tradition, common sense, legislative history, … Continue reading

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U.S. COURT CONFIRMS THAT ABBOTT & KIKO MANIPULATE EVIDENCE Dubester tried to warn the two tooting Trumpettes, Kiko & Abbott, when they first made their decision that they were using fake facts to overturn a union ULP win. But, of … Continue reading

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WHO HAS THE PHYSICALLY TOUGHER JOB?  BORDER PATROL OR ICE? As If DHS did not have enough problems on its hands, it is spending time creating stupid ones. Back in 2017 ICE rejected an application from a Border Patrol Agent … Continue reading

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