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THE  INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY OF “COVERED-BY” ADVOCATES There is an ALJ case lingering in the FLRA decision pipeline by the members that will once again put the “covered-by” (CB) defense up for review. (See DoD and NEA) Having watched the CB … Continue reading

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CAN THE AFGE BORDER PATROL COUNCIL SAVE DHS  BARGAINING RIGHTS? Way back in 2016 AFGE’s Border Patrol Council exercised the autonomy it has under the AFGE Constitution to back a different candidate for America’s President than AFGE and the AFL-CIO … Continue reading

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DOES THIS FED GET A FULL-TIME TELEWORK FOR PTSD? The employee was a GS-11 Claims Specialist with SSA working in an office alongside 15 other GS-11 Claims Specialists and two GS-12’s. He was also a combat vet diagnosed with PTSD … Continue reading

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BARGAINING WITH JERKS – #1 (Information Access) There are a lot of different types of negotiators on the management side of the table and one of them deserves to be labeled The Jerk. This is the person who has come to bargaining … Continue reading

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WANT AN EXECUTIVE BOARD OF PUPPETS? Wine them, dine them and fly them, but never ever tell them about (or let them decide) anything important. As our media headlines carry more and more stories about dictators and dictator wannabees, it … Continue reading

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