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BEWARE THE BLACK AND WHITE TOP UNION LEADER National union leaders seem to have a tendency to see the world as black or white.  They refuse to recognize the world’s gray despite the fact that unions are all about pointing … Continue reading

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FDIC MANAGERS COULD TEACH UNION LEADERS SOMETHING Imagine a team of agency IT people spent years and over $1,000,000. developing software to solve a big agency problem no private vender could and that it worked like a charm. But one … Continue reading

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WHY ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEE UNIONS’ TOP LEADERS ARE HYPOCRITES That’s right, even though the staffers at Fedsmill consider themselves to be diehard supporters of unions, we must call a foul when we see top union leaders behave so miserably toward … Continue reading

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ARE UNIONS LISTENING TO EEOC’S WARNINGS ABOUT AI? Probably not? But EEOC deserves high marks for all the effort it is making to get the word out there.  What is its message?  One, Federal agencies are starting to use Artificial … Continue reading

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THIS MSPB COVER-UP IS OUTRAGEOUS This case came to our attention because some anti-employee bloggers characterized the MSPB’s decision as “saving” the Dep’t. of Army from a series of blunders its managers committed while firing an employee. But make no … Continue reading

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AGENCY PIP DISCRIMINATORY; EMPLOYEE REINSTATED A deaf/Hard of Hearing employee could read lips in one-on-one conversations, but needed an accommodation to participate in group conversations. Consequently, his performance suffered and the agency put him on a PIP, which ended in … Continue reading

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WORKPLACE ROMANCES: HERE ARE THE DATA Forbes Magazine published an article recently entitled “Workplace Romance Statistics.” It delivers a bundle of very sound data showing that organizational leaders that feel a need to stamp out workplace romances are direct descendants … Continue reading

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CONSTRUCTIVE DISCHARGE GENERATES FIVE YEARS BACK PAY & BOOSTED ANNUITY When does discrimination become so bad that the employee can resign or retire and claim s/he had been constructively discharged?

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WHEN ARE UNION-EMPLOYEE CONVERSATIONS CONFIDENTIAL? The short answer is, “Most times, but not always.”  The FLRA rolled out a decision recently making that crystal clear by endorsing management’s right to force a union representative to reveal to its investigators what … Continue reading

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WHEN MAGIC WORDS ARE NOT NEEDED Must a federal employee specifically utter the magic words “reasonable accommodation” before an agency is responsible for considering the need for a disability-related accommodation?  Here is what EEOC said recently.

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