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A FEDS’ RIGHT TO BE REASSIGNED Federal employees do not have many rights in law or regulation to demand a reassignment, which means that unions can do a lot of good at the bargaining table boosting those rights through collective … Continue reading

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CAN YOU RECORD MANAGEMENT MEETINGS WITH AUDIO AND/OR VIDEO? FLRA sure has not decided whether feds can do this, but at least one federal circuit court has just decided that private sector employees can pursuant to their labor law rights … Continue reading

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AFGE PULVERIZES PERFORMANCE STANDARDS No one on the union side of the table should ever argue that it is easy to evaluate employee performance.  It is not.  But at the same time, AFGE just showed that OPM, a wholly-owned subsidiary … Continue reading

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FLRA BOOSTS TELEWORK REMEDIES  Few things are as frustrating as winning a grievance, arbitration or ULP only to find that the sole remedy imposed is an order that management not violate the law or contract again.  FLRA claims that remedies … Continue reading

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CHALLENGING PROMOTION NONSELECTION DECISIONS If you have followed us over the years you know that we believe that one of the most effective ways to challenge a promotion decision is through the EEO charge process. If the selectee is in … Continue reading

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WHY FIRE PEOPLE THIS WAY? There are zillions of stories about former FBI Director James Comey these days, but we haven’t seen one yet analyzing the method used to fire him.  That is what LR/ER practitioners on both sides of … Continue reading

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FSIP, YOU’RE FIRED!  LET THE BLUE LIGHT SPECIALS BEGIN. The President did what he does best and fired all seven members of the FSIP. It is not a surprise.  His predecessors in office did the same thing. It is patronage … Continue reading

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PIZZELLA ON THE CONDUCT OF UNION REPS Over time the Authority has offered practitioners a reasonably workable, four-factor criteria for finding the balance between a union rep’s behavior that the Statute protects, and misconduct that impinges upon the agency’s right … Continue reading

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DON’T DO THESE BACK PAY DEALS Not long ago we posted two pieces about how the FSIP and interest arbitrators do not appear to have the right to order new compensation provisions be retroactively implemented.  See “Peter Sutton’s Very Hot … Continue reading

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EEOC REAFFIRMS THE AGE DISCRIMINATION STANDARD OF PROOF What does an employee have to prove to win an age discrimination case?  Does he have to show that “but for” a discriminatory act he would have received the promotion or other … Continue reading

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