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FMLA LEAVE TO COVER VACATIONS– We recommend that you check out the blog page cited below.  A judge has held that employees are entitled to FMLA leave if they are the care giver for a covered member of the family and that … Continue reading

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“SHHH!” COMMAND COSTS MANAGEMENT OVER $12,000 A manager warned a maintenance employee to be careful who she told about how offended she was by finding a pornographic magazine in the restroom. The supervisor may have just been trying to get … Continue reading

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CRITICAL CONTRACT CLAUSES (#2)- Mandatory Suggestion Awards Agencies pay consulting firms millions to suggest ways to improve operations. But very few union contracts force agencies to fairly compensate its own employees when their suggestions are accepted–and that is hurting employees … Continue reading

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CHECK OUT THE “COMPARE CONTRACTS” BUTTON ABOVE has assembled copies of significant labor-management master agreements in the federal government and made them available in the Menu bar button above entitled “Compare Contracts.” These contracts will give you a good … Continue reading

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DISCLOSURE OF FMLA MEDICAL INFO TO UNION REQUIRED  In the right-hand column of the page we track headlines off web sites of interests to federal employees. One of them deals with FMLA case law and it recently posted an … Continue reading

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TEST YOURSELF- The Missing Grievance Allegation? Let’s suppose that an irate member contacted her union rep on a Friday complaining that a month ago her manager had approved her taking one week of annual leave next week, but suddenly the leave that … Continue reading

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25 CRITICAL CONTRACT CLAUSES SERIES Union leaders need to constantly update their bargaining demands–and wants to help. The members’ needs change constantly as do their agency leaders.  New technology reshapes their work environment regularly, as do annual budget fights . Even the … Continue reading

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CRITICAL CONTRACT CLAUSES (#1)-Job Swaps Why should not employees have a right to swap jobs, e.g., a GS-318-05 Secretary in one office on the west side of the city swapping with a GS- 318-05 on the east side of town–or … Continue reading

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INTEREST ARBITRATION’S “ANGELO ANGLE”  The vast majority of neutrals brought in to settle a bargaining impasse, whether they are from FSIP or privately hired by the parties, rarely look at the impasse from what we are labeling the “Angelo Angle.” As … Continue reading

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PROMOTION EFFECTIVE DATE REFINED MSPB has refined the criteria for determining when a promotion is effective where the agency announced that the employee would be promoted on one day and after that date decided to postpone the promotion. The new … Continue reading

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