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FLRA FORCES UNIONS TO WEAPONIZE RATIFICATION VOTES If an agency does not like a FSIP decision, all it needs do is have the agency head disapprove the agreement. That gives the agency an official platform on which to challenge the … Continue reading

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FLRA WEAPONIZES FSIP AGAINST UNIONS IN FEA CASE There are at least three ways a union can be treated illegally at the FSIP.  First, the agency can engage in bad faith bargaining that poisons the entire proceedings. Second, the Panel … Continue reading

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IMPASSE CRACKERS What’s an impasse cracker?  It is one of those tactics seasoned negotiators pull out when bargaining seems hopelessly deadlocked to create an agreement. has listed some of our favorites for you to consider and use.

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“IT’S ALIVE!”  NOT FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER, BUT FSIP After months of deconstructing the existing hideous monster that plundered the L-M communities far and wide, President Biden has finished scouring the countryside for new parts, stitched them together, and sent his own … Continue reading

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OH HOW LITTLE FSIP MEMBER CARTER KNOWS One of the predictable things about anti-union zealots, like the current membership of the FSIP, is that they almost never consider the second and third level consequences of their wildly biased decisions.  This … Continue reading

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THE CHAIRMAN’S FAVORITE MANAGEMENT BLUNDER One of the best ways to teach is to tell a story and our chairman reels off one after another at board meetings.  But he has a favorite and it involves a case precedent that … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #9  (Ratifying FSIP Orders) QUESTION: What happens when a union refuses to ratify a term agreement partially based on an order from the Panel?  Can the agency just turn around and ask the Panel to impose the … Continue reading

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FSIP BACKS OFF The Panel does not publicize its decisions over whether or not to take jurisdiction, but they are very important to the LR community nonetheless.  In the case of Patent and Trademark Office and POPA, 20 FSIP 045 … Continue reading

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VITALLY IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT FSIP’S POWERS  The statute establishing the Panel gives it the power to “take whatever action is necessary” to resolve an impasse. (5 USC 7119) However, often the Panel ignores the fact that there are … Continue reading

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FSIP, DE FACTO NEGOTIABILITY DISPUTES & ULP’s Agencies are obligated by executive order to refuse to negotiate over certain union proposals. So, what happens if a union makes proposals that directly clash with the provisions of Trump’s executive orders? One … Continue reading

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