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WHEN IS A MAXIFLEX EMPLOYEE TARDY? MSPB just overturned the removal of an employee on a Maxiflex schedule.  The agency thought the employee had been tardy when he failed to report to work at an early enough time to fulfill … Continue reading

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WHAT IS A MICRO-UNION? Check out this article on micro-unions. While they are unlikely to appear in the federal sector, they might help revive the private sector.

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NBA PLAYERS ELECT “INCLUSIVE” CEO USATODAY published one of those rare articles looking at how members want their unions run.  In short, the players tossed out a paternalistic, territorial and secretive leader who listened only to a small, but powerful … Continue reading

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THE “SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE” ULP DEFENSE An agency can unilaterally implement a change in working conditions without notice to or bargaining with the union if it can show that under other laws gave had the sole and exclusive discretion to … Continue reading

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HOW UNION LEADERS KILL PARTNERSHIP POTENTIAL Although it is fashionable among unions to blame managers for the widespread failure of partnership, there is a decent argument that union leaders themselves helped pound the stake through the heart of that very … Continue reading

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WHEN ADVOCATES COMPLAIN TOO LITTLE Although this is hardly something new, it is worth repeating.  If an arbitrator sustains a grievance, but denies the union’s desired remedy on three different grounds, it is not enough to file exceptions attacking only … Continue reading

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AFGE SEALS 6101 SHIELD AGAINST SHADDY SHIFT SCHEMES Here is how FLRA described the scheme, “The Agency planned a seventy-fifth anniversary celebration on a Saturday at the Shenandoah National Park (the event). Several weeks before the event, the Agency scheduled all … Continue reading

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PIZZELLA AGHAST OVER 76 YEAR OLD PRECEDENT An ALJ found an agency discriminated against an employee when it denied her request to telework from home while she recovered from a broken ankle.  When the judge failed to require the agency … Continue reading

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