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NWSEO CHARGES AGENCY SPIES ON ITS MEMBERS The Washington Post just posted a story about the employees of the National Weather Service alleging that the agency has spied on them through the union’s Facebook page. Long time NWSEO union leader … Continue reading

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HANDLING INTERMITTENT, UNPREDICTABLE LEAVE REQUESTS AFTER FMLA ENDS Our fellow bloggers at FMLA Insights just published some advice for handling those situations where a chronically sick employees runs out of FMLA leave.  It is a good piece for any union … Continue reading

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UNIONS USE TECHNOLOGY TO GROW MEMBERSHIP       Unions are getting smarter about recruiting new members and like every other institution in this country that means using more technology for everything—including membership growth. Here is a good summary piece on a larger … Continue reading

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LOLLAPALOOZA OF ATTORNEY FEE CASE See if you can guess in advance of what happened when an attorney agreed to the following conditions for his fee for representing a federal employee: (1) he promised her that his work on the … Continue reading

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FEDSMILL CAN IMPROVE NATIONAL STAFF HELP, BUT WE NEED A SPONSOR FIRST Have you ever tried to get in touch with the national union staff person assigned to your local to deal with an urgent matter, but not been able … Continue reading

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HOW TO REACH TERM AGREEMENT QUICKLY The single most pernicious, if not malignant, aspect of the American collective bargaining process is the ability of one party to drag out bargaining to drive up the other party’s costs and pain. Why? … Continue reading

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AFGE FIGHTS AND WINS ANOTHER CIVIL RIGHTS BATTLE Some unions had periods in their history when they were downright hostile to civil rights struggles, some unions even today handle civil rights cases but not as part of a core strategy … Continue reading

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WHO IS KIM MOSELEY? The very short answer is she is the new H. Joseph Schimansky who has left government to devote his last bits of knee cartilage to the Montgomery County tennis circuit before soaking up some well-deserved California … Continue reading

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AFGE SLAPS DOWN CARELESS ARBITRATOR AFGE just got a MSPB decision loaded with lessons for parties on both sides of the table, but especially for the person sitting at the head of the table, namely, the arbitrator.  When an arbitrator … Continue reading

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OUR COMPLIMENTS TO AFGE COUNCIL 222 We are always on the lookout for well-done union web sites, by which we mean (1) easy to navigate, (2) loaded with useful information, and (3) timely. AFGE’s council representing HUD employees across the country deserves recognition … Continue reading

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