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AFGE FORCES AGENCY TO PAY INCENTIVE AWARDS A tip of the hat to the victory AFGE tied up this week forcing an agency to pay incentive awards. (AFGE, 68 FLRA 1049) The contract merely said, “only when and if the … Continue reading

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NTEU TIGHTENS GRIP ON $300 MILLION DHS BACK PAY DOLLARS Yes, we have written about this before. But the wins keep on coming for NTEU in its long-term fight overtime with DHS/CBP and this is shaping up to be the … Continue reading

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WHEN IS FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE ILLEGAL RETALIATION? NAGE-SEIU confronted a situation where the agency refused to investigate an employee’s EEO allegation and suspected it was due to some lingering hostility toward the employee for having testified against the agency in … Continue reading

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AFGE BOOSTS BYPASS LEGAL PRECEDENT FOR ALL Here is how it all started. Two employees filed formal “Behavioral Code of Conduct” reports with their manager alleging that a third employee was harassing them with comments about joining the union and … Continue reading

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WHEN ROBOTS MAKE PROMOTION DECISIONS About a decade ago, IRS proposed to NTEU that they automate the promotion system. After all, it would save gobs of time managers then spent rating candidates’ paperwork, remove the subjectivity of rating panels, and … Continue reading

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