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AND THIS IS WHY YOU NEED UNIONS At some point after the new White House Lord of the Manor arrived in 2017 word came down to the VA that some unnamed folks in the chain-of-command wanted to look tough on … Continue reading

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WHAT THE “H” “E” DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS IS THIS FLRA? The Authority just dismissed a union’s claim that management had unilaterally implemented a change and, in the process, jumbled 40 years of labor law precedent. I am talking about the case … Continue reading

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HOW TO AVOID THE “EXCESSIVE INTERFERENCE LITE” TRAP IN ARBITRATION Now that Trump’s two operatives on the FLRA have made clear their intention to weaken unions and collective bargaining, unions would be wise to counter the pending onslaught of precedent-trashing … Continue reading

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THE ABBOTT-KIKO ARBITRATION OVERTIME SWINDLE After 40 years of FLRA upholding virtually all arbitrator decisions granting employees retroactive overtime pay for violations of the labor agreement, regulation, past practices or law, the two Trump FLRA appointees have conspired to swindle … Continue reading

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FINGERS, THUMBS, NEGOTIABILITY AND IMPASSE Both labor-management parties are regularly guilty of missing the very significant distinction between a proposal being “non-negotiable” versus the agency having “no obligation to bargain” over it.  The pre-impasse bargaining process permits parties to use … Continue reading

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WHAT NEXT AT CBP? If you have been watching the cases coming out of FLRA the last year or so, you probably noticed that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continues to lose a lot of back pay cases to NTEU. … Continue reading

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20+ FLRA PRECEDENTS UNION NEGOTIATORS MUST KNOW Collective bargaining is like a tennis match.  The two players repeatedly fire the ball at one another hoping to force a mistake, get an advantage, or just tire the other out.  Furthermore, the … Continue reading

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 FLRA’S POWERPOINTS & ULP LAW OUTLINES We have never been shy about taking a shot at FLRA for its incredibly slow pace at processing cases.  All too often agency back pay liabilities have doubled just waiting for FLRA to uphold … Continue reading

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“DE MINIMIS” DOCTRINE TOO COMPLEX EVEN FOR ALJs? Not long ago FEDSMILL.com posted an article entitled “Die, De Minimis Die” to shine a light on how elusively complex and high risk the de minimis doctrine is for practitioners.  It may … Continue reading

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CRITICAL CONTRACT CLAUSES (#1)-Job Swaps Why should not employees have a right to swap jobs, e.g., a GS-318-05 Secretary in one office on the west side of the city swapping with a GS- 318-05 on the east side of town–or … Continue reading

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