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ARRRRRRGH, SHAPE UP, FLRA! YOU JUST ALLOWED FED SECTOR SEX SLAVERY  Earlier this month, FLRA upheld an arbitrator’s ruling that the union loses the right to file a grievance over a continuing violation of a contract, regulation, or law when … Continue reading

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FILE THESE GRIEVANCES NOW The Supreme Court is considering whether an employee can file an EEO charge when an employer merely reassigns the employee to significantly less desirable work—without a reduction is pay. To date, most courts have required that … Continue reading

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WHAT A UNION THAT AFGE IS This past summer we posted a few articles about how hypocritical it is for a national union officer to fire any employee for other than just cause (or something like it) and without appeal … Continue reading

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RETROACTIVE PAY FOR TEMPORARY PROMOTION & $377,000 MORE What do you do if your supervisor dumps a bundle of higher graded work on you, but refuses to give you a temporary promotion for doing it? Fight! That’s what you do. … Continue reading

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WHY PROBATIONERS SHOULD JOIN THE UNION Although the urban rumor is that probationers have no way to challenge an agency when it terminates them, experienced union reps know that is far from the truth.  In fact, we just saw a … Continue reading

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IS THIS SEXUAL HARASSMENT INTOLERABLE? A DoD male supervisor did the following to a female employee: made repeated sexual comments and innuendoes to her, regularly reminded her that he was “watching her,” invited her over to his house when his … Continue reading

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