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$63 MILLION PAYOUT COMING YOUR WAY FEDSCOOP has reported that the courts have approved this multi-million dollar settlement covering those folks damaged by the privacy hack of OPM files.  Here is the FEDSCOOP story and a link in it to … Continue reading

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WHAT UNIONS ALMOST ALWAYS MISS TARGETING WITH FRIENDLY WHITE HOUSES History has shown that when there is a union-friendly President in the White House federal sector unions usually want on three things, i.e., 1- new appointees to the FLRA, 2- … Continue reading

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HAS MAX STIER HAD A STROKE? Max runs the Partnership for Public Service which, in turn, runs the annual “Best Places to Work” survey that is universally acclaimed.   However, it seems Max thinks his own survey is worthless based on … Continue reading

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DALE CABANISS: RESTOCKING THE SWAMP Our Commander-in-Chief (aka The Swamp Master) is about to release another invasive, slithering marauder into his swamp.  The mere mention of her name calls to mind such environmentally destructive forces as Dutch Elm disease, feral … Continue reading

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WHAT DO THE CHIEF HUMAN CAPITAL OFFICERS HAVE TO SAY? If you want to know, click into their web site every week or so to see.  It is entitled and contains transmittals that have been sent around among them.  … Continue reading

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