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TIME TO REST We just put out our 300th postings and consider this as good a time to rest as any.  See you after Labor Day.

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PITY POOR ALJ SHAPIRO The Social Security Administration fired one of its administrative law judges, Mark Shapiro, for failing to produce at least 500 decisions a year.  (The preferred target is 700.)  That is two a day if he only … Continue reading

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HOW TO LOSE MILLIONS FOR MEMBERS Recently, an agency served notice on each of the two unions that represent its employees that it plans to cut the funding of its awards program nearly in half. It currently distributes annually an … Continue reading

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NTEU BREAKS OVERTIME RESTRAINTS ON FORMER AFGE MEMBERS Decades ago the Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) issued a proclamation stating that he was taking away the right of INS employees to two consecutive days off a workweek and … Continue reading

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CAN THIS EMPLOYEE’S JOB BE SAVED? Here are the facts.  Marisa, a unit employee, came to you a few minutes ago with a copy of an adverse action letter proposing to fire her for a chronic leave problem.  According to the letter, … Continue reading

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BARGAINING WITH JERKS #3- (Tactics) Table Jerks are all about game-playing at the edge of unethical/illegal bargaining behavior.   They spend most of their time refusing to provide information, proclaiming there is no demonstrated need for the union proposal, and … Continue reading

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WHAT DID THIS UNION DO WRONG? Here are the facts.  See if you can figure out two things the union did wrong.  The agency had a practice of placing a guard at each of its strategically important locations around its property every … Continue reading

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FMLA, DOMA AND SAME SEX SPOUSES Now that the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act there seems to be a lot of chatter about what that means for same sex spouses seeking FMLA benefits. As of today, if … Continue reading

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OBESITY AS A DISABILITY Back on March 24, 2012 we posted an article entitled, “When Severe Obesity Is a Disability.”  It explained how EEOC now recognizes obesity as a disability qualifying employees for reasonable accommodations.  Well, now the American Medical … Continue reading

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LABOR’S VERY BIG BLUNDER (The AFL-ABA-CIO) Organized labor has been shrinking in numbers and influence for over 60 years. There are a lot of reasons: well-funded enemies, relentless lawlessness by many employers, a toothless labor law, foreign competition for jobs, … Continue reading

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