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WHAT SHOULD A GREAT MID-TERM NEGOTIATIONS TRAINING PROGRAM INCLUDE? The vast majority of negotiations in the federal sector involve an agency-proposed mid-term change, and in the overwhelming majority of those cases the union representatives are not full-time national staff, but … Continue reading

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ESSENTIALS OF FEDERAL SECTOR LABOR LAW TRAINING That’s the name of an online training program being offered by Cyberfeds & the Gilbert Training Group on April 25-28. The course walks attendees through the jurisdiction and precedents of the Federal Labor Relations … Continue reading

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EMPLOYEE FORCES AGENCY TO SEND HER TO TRAINING  You read a lot about employees grieving or challenging removals and suspensions as well as leave and promotion denials.  But it is rare to see a case where the employee knew enough … Continue reading

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WHEN IS UNILATERAL IMPLEMENTATION LEGAL? If you are a union rep and think the only time an agency can unilaterally implement a mid-term change is when there is an emergency, you are woefully unprepared to lead a bargaining team and … Continue reading

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“LEARNING EVERYWHERE” OFFERS GREAT  COLLECTIVE BARGAINING TRAINING PROGRAM The one thing we look for from any consulting firm offering to train negotiators on either side of the labor management table is whether the instructors actually were chief negotiators.  While we think … Continue reading

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THANKS, NFFE, FOR AN IMPRESSIVE “TOOLBOX” We probably owe NFFE an apology for not mentioning this sooner, but it web site has jumped up several notches since we last checked it out thoroughly.  And one of the best feature is … Continue reading

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THANKS, AFGE. GREAT TRAINING IDEA Maybe it due to its philosophy of inclusion, its values around openness, its bigger-than-all-the-rest-combined size, its enormous occupational complexity, or a few other things. But whatever brought it about it is a good deal for anyone … Continue reading

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LADIES OF THE LAW A conference is coming up that will feature the four most important women in federal sector labor and employee relations. The National Academy of Arbitrators along with FMCS is sponsoring a program in early May where … Continue reading

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EARN MASTER’S IN LABOR STUDIES–WHILE WORKING Given that thousands of federal employees are union activists as stewards, officers, etc., we thought we would pass on some information to our readers about what seems like a pretty good deal for those … Continue reading

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 FLRA’S POWERPOINTS & ULP LAW OUTLINES We have never been shy about taking a shot at FLRA for its incredibly slow pace at processing cases.  All too often agency back pay liabilities have doubled just waiting for FLRA to uphold … Continue reading

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