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THE ACTRESS JOAN CRAWFORD ON PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE The next time some top manager proposes termination rather than uses progressive discipline on an employee think about showing the oral reply official the wire hanger scene from Joan Crawford’s Mommy Dearest film. … Continue reading

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IS THIS DISCRIMINATION? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Assume that a CEO of some organization decides that he no longer wants a minority woman, who held a supervisory position, on his staff.  She has somehow upset him.  Consequently, he has her … Continue reading

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THE AGONY OF TERMINATION, NEPO BABIES AND PAYING IT FORWARD During my career as a union rep, I defended more than a handful of feds who were terminated by their agency. While I could talk about them, I want to … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT FLRA “SCOPE OF PROPOSALS” DECISION Last month, FLRA decided a POPA case that all negotiators should read closely. (66 FLRA 247)  Management made a mid-term proposal to change one part of a performance awards program and the union responded with … Continue reading

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HOW UNIONS CAN TAKE TWO BITES OF THE APPLE There has been a lot of litigation over situations where a union has filed a ULP charge with FLRA over an issue and soon thereafter filed a grievance over the same … Continue reading

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ALL PRACTITIONERS OWE CHAIRMAN DUBESTER A HUGE THANKS Ernest Dubester’s term as FLRA Chair ended earlier this year without much fan fair – and we are stunned. There is little doubt that he was one of the three most important … Continue reading

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HAS JIM ABBOTT LOST HIS MIND? The last we heard of Jim he was being booted off the FLRA after serving without any distinction and with considerable dishonor as President Trump’s guy on the Authority.  That was months ago, and … Continue reading

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GEL REPRESENTS CBP OFFICERS & AG SPECIALISTS IN PREGNANCY EEO CLASS ACTION While it may take a village to raise a child, it often takes a community of aggressive and skilled advocates to represent federal employees.  What one does not … Continue reading

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FOUR FREE TRAINING VIDEOS The Office of the Special Counsel (OSC) has posted several videos on its YouTube page that union reps will find helpful to understanding the larger arena of federal personnel law.  We recommend the following: The Merit … Continue reading

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WHAT WAS FEMA LEADERSHIP THINKING? A case just came out of FEMA that further shakes our faith in the competence of agency leaders.  When an employee got pregnant, her supervisor called her in to explain how she would now have … Continue reading

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