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CBP SCREWS EMPLOYEE WITH ITS ADMINISTRATIVE INCOMPETENCE CBP reassigned an employee from the Bahamas to Houston. Trying to be extra careful about the costs of the move the employee inquired whether he could be reimbursed if he shipped his POV … Continue reading

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THE LEVEL 2 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL TRAP The word is quietly passing around among managers urging those agencies that have an appraisal system with a level between Fully Successful and Unacceptable for each element to abolish that rating level. It is … Continue reading

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ARBITRATORS CAN’T, BUT UNION REPS CAN FLRA just issued a decision overturning an arbitrator’s decision on how to award back pay for unpaid overtime that highlights a very powerful club unions have in these cases. After deciding the agency had … Continue reading

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MSPB CHANGES SIXTH DOUGLAS FACTOR’S MEANING If a union rep cannot undermine the agency’s evidence that the employee committed the alleged disciplinary infraction, then s/he uses the “Douglas Factors” to argue that even though guilty the employee’s penalty should be … Continue reading

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$63 MILLION PAYOUT COMING YOUR WAY FEDSCOOP has reported that the courts have approved this multi-million dollar settlement covering those folks damaged by the privacy hack of OPM files.  Here is the FEDSCOOP story and a link in it to … Continue reading

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THIS IS OUR TIME: HOW WOMEN ARE TAKING OVER THE LABOR MOVEMENT There is a very thought-provoking USATODAY article by this same title posted on MSN that we want to bring to your attention. Check it out here.

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WHEN TO APPEAL AN ARBITRATION LOSS TO MSPB/EEOC, NOT FLRA FLRA recently reminded union leaders that under 5 USC 7122(a) it does not have jurisdiction to review arbitration decisions involving adverse actions.  In AFGE and Dep’t. of Veteran Affairs, 73 … Continue reading

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FEDERAL APPEALS COURT EXPANDS RIGHT TO CHALLENGE DISCRIMINATION For years most courts have held that an employee must show some tangible adverse harm before s/he can challenge a management action as being discriminatory, e.g., a termination, loss of overtime, denied … Continue reading

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