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WHAT UNION REPS CAN DO THAT EMPLOYEES CAN’T All employees do not have equal legal rights.  Union representatives have far more rights than most.  In fact, they have far more rights than the average manager. So, if you hear anyone asking the … Continue reading

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REFORMING THE LABOR-MANAGEMENT STATUTE, NOT “FUTURATING” IT (Changes 1 – 3)  Someday in the future fairness, reason, civil rights, and professional neutrality will once again be the values driving White House (WH) decisions as opposed to vengeance, greed, racism, and bullying.  And … Continue reading

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SHOULD BAR CHARGES BE FILED AGAINST ABBOTT & KIKO? Lawyers like Jim Abbott and Colleen Kiko, Trump’s appointees to the FLRA, take a bar association oath to live by a higher than normal ethical standards.  They swear not to deceive, … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #8  (Part 1) – Prohibited Personnel Practices (PPPs) Although union reps are much more likely to encounter agency actions violating provisions of a labor agreement or federal regulations, there are situations where one of these 14 statutory … Continue reading

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TAXES ON SICK LEAVE DONATIONS The bloggers at “Benefits Law Advisor” just posted some information from IRS entitled, “IRS Provides Guidance On Employer Leave-Based Donation Programs That Aid Victims Of The COVID-19 Pandemic.” Check it out.  It is short and … Continue reading

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“CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT” (CoE) V. “WORKING CONDITIONS (WC).” WHY BOTHER? When first we read AFGE and DHS, CBP, 70 FLRA 501 (2018) we were left wondering why Abbott and Kiko were trying so hard to justify another exception to a union’s right … Continue reading

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A NEGOTIATOR’S CASE STUDY Just passing along a tip to other lifetime union negotiators.  Check out “Will There Be a 2020 Season” from It tells an interesting tale of how the professional baseball players have boxed in the owners … Continue reading

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WILL THESE FED UNIONS STAND AGAINST THE CONFEDERACY?  There is a lot of passion right now on changing the names of those military installations named after confederate leaders.  But we have yet to hear from the unions that represent employees … Continue reading

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ABBOTT & KIKO PANTSED The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals just pantsed the two Trumpian toadies by not just overturning their decision in AFGE v. FLRA, Civ. No. 19-1069 (6/9/20), but also engaging in what amounts to a  public disrobing by a federal … Continue reading

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CORE UNIONS LIST DEMANDS TO RETURN TO OFFICE Twenty-four (24) unions that form the core of the federal employee labor movement as members of the Federal Workers Alliance, composed of unions in and outside of the AFL-CIO, have listed for … Continue reading

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