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RETURNING TO A WORKABLE 7116(d) FORUM SELECTION ANALYSIS What if you want to file a grievance and a ULP with FLRA over the same incident? For example, suppose you want to challenge a member’s suspension as a violation of the … Continue reading

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WHAT IS SURFACE BARGAINING? It is an illegal form of bargaining.  It is used to delay bargaining progress.  It can be very costly to a union. It makes the union look powerless in front of its members. What follows is … Continue reading

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WHY EEO ALLEGATIONS ARE A GOOD GAMBLE TO TAKE Private law firms are taking in bundles of attorney fees representing federal employees in EEO complaints. This  is money unions could be collecting along with the positive publicity of tangibly helping … Continue reading

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THE FLRA UPDATES ITS NEGOTIABILITY REGS, E-FILING SYSTEM, AND FORMS If you sit on a lot of bargaining teams and especially if you serve as the union’s chief spokesperson, this is important for you.  As the title states, FLRA has … Continue reading

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PAY ATTENTION TO DUBESTER’S BAT  SIGNAL Ernest Dubester led a one-man unprecedented campaign to stop what was probably the most unethical reign of anti-union revenge the FLRA ever witnessed. But he was only one vote against those of two others … Continue reading

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WHAT IS A GRIEVANCE RECOVERY PERIOD? The FLRA has said that it “specifically distinguished between contractual back pay recovery periods and contractual time periods for filing grievances.” Consequently, we practitioners had better know the difference, particularly when we sit down to write a … Continue reading

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