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EXAMPLES OF PROHIBITED PERSONNEL PRACTICES Unions can grieve to enforce any of the law’s Prohibited Personnel Practice. We can include them in a grievance along with allegations that the contract was violated as well as that there was a ULP. … Continue reading

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USERRA VICTORIES Bargaining unit employees returning from active military service have rights that unions can enforce through their grievance-arbitration procedures.  Among the most important are that they must receive promotions and job offers that they would have received but for … Continue reading

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THE SETTLEMENT MOTIVATION One reason managers fail to settle grievances early is that they are unaware of the risks.  Although it would help everyone if agency leaders made them aware of the risk, unions carry some of the blame for … Continue reading

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HAIR! Many law enforcement agencies demand that their officer/agents be clear-shaven at all times because they believe, without a scintilla of evidence, that makes them more effective. But a large number of officers/agents believe that intrudes unnecessarily on their personal … Continue reading

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HOW TO VOID CRITICAL ELEMENT RATINGS Way back in the late 70’s agencies could only fire poor performing employees using the adverse actions statutes.  Managers complained that made it too hard because they had to prove their allegations by the … Continue reading

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THE APPROXIMATE REMEDY Too many arbitration cases have come before the FLRA where the union failed to ask for a tough enough remedy.  Often, it appears the union concluded that it would be too tough to prove precisely what would … Continue reading

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10 THINGS TO DO AT FORMAL MEETINGS Unions make serious mistakes when they fail to cover every formal meeting in their unit or when they fail to train their stewards in how to tap the full potential value of these … Continue reading

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HOW TO PROTECT YOUR OWN GLADYS Almost every bargaining unit has a Gladys. She works as a secretary, clerk, or clerical assistant.  Although she has performed acceptably for years, suddenly management puts her on a short PIP, imposes deadlines no … Continue reading

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FMLA FOR SAME-SEX FED SPOUSES In July we wrote about the pending change to OPM’s FMLA rules that would allow same-sex spouses employed by the federal government all the benefits of the FMLA. (See FMLA, DOMA and Same-Sex Spouses).  OPM … Continue reading

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