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IRS APPLICANT GETS 11 YEARS BACK PAY, LEAVE, & A JOB Back in 2012 IRS informed an Africa-American applicant he was conditionally selected for a vacancy and gave him a preemployment background form to complete.  When he noted that he … Continue reading

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A RELIGIOUS WAR IS COMING TO YOUR OFFICE SOON Later this year it is all but certain that union reps’ lives will be a little more complicated—and maybe a lot more. The Supreme Court is all but certain to substantially … Continue reading

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CBP DEAF TO DEAF EMPLOYEE RIGHTS A person EEOC identifies as Antwan applied to be a Customs & Border Protection (CBP) Agriculture Specialist where he would check for food and plants being brought into the US illegally by travelers or … Continue reading

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RETALIATION/REPRISAL IS EASIER TO PROVE THAN EEO HARASSMENT Not long ago we wrote about how EEOC rejected an employee’s claim of a hostile work environment, but sustained his charge of EEO reprisal based on the same facts.  The point of that post … Continue reading

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SHOULD ALL CRAYONS BE COLORLESS? One of my favorite childhood memories was aging up from the standard, pre-school box of 8 crayons to the post-K 24-pack and then finally once I proved myself old enough to be trusted the gigantic … Continue reading

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ON-SITE PRAYER MEETINGS EEOC just reminded us of the right of employees to demand on-site agency space to hold prayer meetings. A postal employee, who was known to be a Christian asked for some private space during the day to … Continue reading

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EEOC MANDATES PERFORMANCE AWARD A supervisory Customs and Border Protection employee was not at work for more than half of the fiscal year due to cancer treatment and surgery. Nonetheless, he felt he was entitled to an annual performance award … Continue reading

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CARTOONS & REASSIGNMENTS An Immigration and Customs Enforcement employee, the only African-American in her office, found that a co-worker had come into her office and drawn a monkey face on her whiteboard. When she asked management to do something about … Continue reading

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EIGHT YEARS OF BACK PAY & AN AGE DISCRIMINATION GUIDE MSPB just issued what it labelled a precedent-setting decision that will give a former OMB employee eight years of back pay and all the benefits that go along with it. … Continue reading

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EEOC REMINDER ABOUT LEAVE AND REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS Given the increasing number of requests for reasonable accommodations, union reps need to remember the following EEOC precedent: “forcing an employee to take leave when another accommodation would permit an employee to continue … Continue reading

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