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DOES THIS FED GET A FULL-TIME TELEWORK FOR PTSD? The employee was a GS-11 Claims Specialist with SSA working in an office alongside 15 other GS-11 Claims Specialists and two GS-12’s. He was also a combat vet diagnosed with PTSD … Continue reading

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PREGNANCY RIGHTS VERSUS DISABILITY A management law firm just posted a piece entitled, “Doesn’t the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act just require employers to treat pregnant employees just like they treat employees with disabilities?” Although it is written for managers, union … Continue reading

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BIG TRANSGENDER HEALTH CARE WIN FOR FEDS You have heard us describe other major employment law victories for federal employees delivered by Gilbert Employment Law (GEL). But this may top them all given that it overturns a Reagan Administration rule … Continue reading

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SSA HQ AFRICAN-AMERICAN MALES GET $22 MILLION IN BACK PAY Why?  Because for years the agency discriminated against them when performance awards were handed out. If your union is not doing a simple statistical analysis of how awards are distributed … Continue reading

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DO YOU KNOW YOUR VICTIM LAW? When employees are the victim of discrimination, they often have some unusual rights that a union rep might not think of when working out a remedy for a grievant.  For example, EEOC issued a … Continue reading

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MENOPAUSE DISCRIMINATION One thing we try to do at Fedsmill is to make union reps aware of new issues developing in the employee and labor rights areas.  For now, we will just call your attention to this article from Forbes … Continue reading

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GILBERT & BROIDA RESCUE DISABLED CBP OFFICERS Way back in 2014 we wrote about a Customs and Border Patrol Officer with sleep apnea who asked to not be assigned to night shift or overtime work because his condition required that … Continue reading

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SEXUAL HARASSMENT QUIZ: WHO STAYS AND WHO GOES? If one employee alleges that another employee in the same office is sexually harassing him, does the Agency have to move one to another workplace while it investigates the matter?  If so, who … Continue reading

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BIG VICTORY FOR RELIGIOUSLY OBSERVANT FEDS Bret, a Jew, told his agency that his faith requires him to forgo work on the Sabbath, which runs from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. Despite that, management scheduled him to work … Continue reading

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WHAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN WHEN YOU CALL IN SICK I’ll bet that what happened in this recent case is very, very common. An employee, Jade, called in to say she needed to be hospitalized due to stomach pains and needed … Continue reading

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