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BEWARE THE RETROACTIVE CONTRACT CLAUSE It does not happen often, but every few years we hear about an interest arbitrator or fact-finder imposing a contract clause that has retroactive effect. For example, suppose the parties went to the FSIP in … Continue reading

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TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR ATTORNEY FEE PETITIONS Yes, we admit that this is a pet peeve for us.  If even a few attorneys submit outlandish fee requests to EEOC, MSPB or arbitrators that will hand those already looking to screw over … Continue reading

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REMEMBER THIS AFGE AWOL DECISION One of the reasons we activated Fedsmill was to overcome the disadvantage regional and local union leaders are at when they have no way to hear about case victories from other unions.  That hobbles them … Continue reading

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NFFE STEPS UP ITS CONCERN FOR OPEN UNION GOVERNANCE You have to admire a national union leadership that not only supports increased openness in how the organization is run, but also is confident enough to open the debate to all … Continue reading

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FEDSMILL IS LOOKING FOR RESTRUCTURING IDEAS Leadership of all the federal agencies that so deeply impact federal employee lives is about the change radically, bringing with it new challenges for some and opportunities for others. We want to get ready … Continue reading

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HARVARD OFFERS INSIGHT ON WHY SOME MANAGERS ARE DOMINATORS The on-line Harvard Business Review just posted a piece entitled, “Good Bosses Switch Between Two Leadership Styles.” The two styles are managing by dominating subordinates versus inspiring through the prestige of … Continue reading

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DO YOU KNOW GINA? Not that one. We are talking about the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA). It has been law for a few years and we hope many union reps have heard about it. But we worry that not … Continue reading

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WHAT IS AN A/SLMR? If the acronym does not register a bell, maybe the widespread pronunciation will. Those of us who got into the LR business before 1979 commonly pronounced it A-SLAMMER. Still don’t know? Well, long, long ago and … Continue reading

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THANKS, NFFE, FOR AN IMPRESSIVE “TOOLBOX” We probably owe NFFE an apology for not mentioning this sooner, but it web site has jumped up several notches since we last checked it out thoroughly.  And one of the best feature is … Continue reading

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