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FUBAR: GSA’S TOWER OF BABEL According to the Bible, when God saw all the people of earth uniting under one language and how powerful that would make them, God spoke these words, “let us go down, and there confound their … Continue reading

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THE EMPLOYEE AS BOUNTY HUNTER Did you know that if you turn in someone who is making false claims against the federal government you can get 15 to 25% of whatever the government recovers? For example, suppose you are aware … Continue reading

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DEMANDING TOO MUCH EDUCATION EEOC recently put employers on notice that they may violate the law if they demand more education to compete for a job than is actually required to be successful. Here is their reasoning.

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WATERBOARDING SELECTION OFFICIALS II Not long ago we posted an article about how frustrating it is when selecting officials will not give a best qualified candidate a substantive reason why he/she was passed over for promotion, especially when someone with … Continue reading

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FUBAR: MSPB’S HALF-PREGNANT EMPLOYEE There is a reason why this is the first article you have ever read about a half-pregnant employee. It is the same reason you have not come across stories about the half-dead. Pregnancy and death are … Continue reading

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$300,000 FOR A DENIED REASSIGNMENT Employees almost never have the right to demand a reassignment to a different supervisor, job or location.  But if the employee has a disabling condition for which a reassignment would be a reasonable accommodation, the … Continue reading

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ZIP IT! – WHEN MANAGERS VIOLATE YOUR PRIVACY        This is not the first time we have written about managers who either can’t keep their mouth shut or their documents clean.  The newest example is the Chief of Dental Services who … Continue reading

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THREE BENCHMARK CONTRACTS JUST COMPLETED AFGE, NTEU, and NATCA all announced settlements for their major contracts in the last ten days.  AFGE has wrapped up the core of the SSA contract; NTEU has concluded mid-term reopener revisions to its IRS … Continue reading

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SSA’s $8,987 ONE-PERSON SPACE HEATER How did the Social Security Administration turn the cost of a hundred-dollar personal space heater for one employee into something nearly 90 times as expensive?

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FLRA FUBAR: THE PAST PRACTICE “ACQUIESCENCE” MESS The FLRA has done a lot of good, and it has had moments where it neither helped nor harmed.  But there also have been times when it has Fouled Up Beyond All Reason … Continue reading

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