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TERM LIMITS FOR UNION OFFICIALS Normally, we oppose term limits for elected union officers.  If the leader is doing a good job in the eyes of the membership, let them decide via elections whether to return him/her to office—no matter … Continue reading

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CEO PAY JUMPED 5% LAST YEAR FOR THE HIGHEST PAID ONES This has almost nothing to do with federal sector labor relations; it is merely about social justice.  At a time when a record number of Americans are living in … Continue reading

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FMLA QUALIFICATION OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD The Family Medical Leave Act does not impose the same qualification rules on everyone. The biggest difference flows from whether an employee is covered under Title I or Tile II, namely whether an employee must work … Continue reading

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FSIP GUTS UNION’S RIGHT TO BARGAIN The Impasses Panel just sent a very loud and clear message to unions working for employers that bargain with multiple unions. The Panel is more than willing to take away bargaining rights from the … Continue reading

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ADMIN LEAVE DURING NON-DUTY TIME Can an employee receive admin leave on a day in which he/she was off on annual leave? Yes, according to the FLRA.

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WHEN PAST PRACTICE TRUMPS CONTRACT LANGUAGE What do you do if management suddenly announces that despite following a certain past practice for years, which obviously conflicted with the contract language, it is now pronouncing the past practice dead and insisting … Continue reading

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SOFTENING SUSPENSIONS In 1994 MSPB announced that when it had the power to impose adverse action agencies were required to have an employee serve his/her suspension on consecutive days, rather than let the employer serve a few days of a … Continue reading

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REASSIGNMENTS RIGHTS FOR DISABLED EMPLOYEES Disabled employees just got a little more clout to insist on reassignment to jobs they can do.

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WHY 17,000 EEOC CHARGES MATTER TO UNION LEADERS One of organized labor’s biggest mistakes was to turn over to the government and private attorneys enforcement of the over 30 labor laws unions worked so hard to push through Congress.  As … Continue reading

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UNION BOOSTS CUBICLE PRIVACY NTEU won a FSIP decision in early August requiring the agency (EPA, Region 7) to not only give unit employees cubicle walls that had 46 inch high solid material bases, but to also add 22 additional … Continue reading

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