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MSPB SPLITS ON EMPLOYEE FURLOUGH RIGHTS Is a furlough of 22 work days or less an adverse action or an adverse action “lite”?  The three MSPB members just issued a split decision on that and it promises to be the … Continue reading

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HOW TO GRIEVE TEMPORARY PROMOTION DENIALS Most Fed labor agreements require management to temporarily promote employees when it details them for more than some number of days in a year to a higher graded position, e.g., 30 days.  For literally … Continue reading

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SEPARATE BUT EQUAL PERFORMANCE AWARD SYSTEMS In a country that knows more than a little bit about the vicious fallacy of a “separate but equal” approach to treating people, one would think there would be little tolerance for it in … Continue reading

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THE COST OF UNDERFUNDING GOVERNMENT While whining about the cost of government has become an obsession for some, this summer provided several examples of what happens when Americans do underfund their society. This week The Today Show focused on how … Continue reading

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HOW TO AVOID EXCESSIVELY LONG TRAVEL DAYS Here are the facts as recently described by the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA), which rules on travel expense disputes for those employees who cannot file a contract grievance to settle them.  “Claimant … Continue reading

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NAMING GRIEVANTS: A SOURCE OF UNION POWER  Two members come to you, the union steward, complaining that the manager is no longer following the agreement’s provision about how to distribute overtime and they want to grieve.  After they leave, you … Continue reading

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WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Two employees walk into the union office and tell you that their new manager changed the rules for when employees get charged AWOL and disciplined.  In the past, employees could arrive as late as seven (7) … Continue reading

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CONGRATS AFGE COUNCIL 214 We just ran across your web site and you deserve to be complimented for what you offer.  Aside from a reader-friendly choice of colors, a menu bar that attracts the reader’s eye, and revolving pictures of the … Continue reading

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