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EEOC ALLOWS GAY NASA EMPLOYEE TO REASSIGN HIS SUPERVISOR We pay NASA employees to keep their head in the clouds—in a good way, but how could they have missed that it is against the law to discriminate against gay employees? … Continue reading

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WHEN UNCLE SAM WILL PAY FOR A CAR WASH Almost never, but there is an exception that was just certified for the Civilian Board for Contract Appeals (CBCA).  That board handles travel voucher disputes for federal employees who cannot grieve … Continue reading

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HOW TO VERIFY MANAGERS HAVE BEEN DISCIPLINED Every time EEOC finds a manager discriminated against an employee it orders the agency to “consider” disciplining the manager.  It does not appear to have the power to order discipline no matter how … Continue reading

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ESSENTIALS OF FEDERAL SECTOR LABOR LAW TRAINING That’s the name of an online training program being offered by Cyberfeds & the Gilbert Training Group on April 25-28. The course walks attendees through the jurisdiction and precedents of the Federal Labor Relations … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #19 – (Oral Replies) Very few moments in an employee’s life are as anxiety-producing as a proposed suspension, demotion or removal. That makes it vital that their union rep at the oral reply (OR) do a job … Continue reading

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CALLING ALL FMLA MAVENS In an ideal world, each union local has a steward or officer who is the employees’ expert/ specialist/whiz/maven in FMLA matters, i.e., someone who knows more than the ten most common things about the law and … Continue reading

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