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DISMISSED PROBATIONER GETS 8 YEARS BACK PAY & BENEFITS Pass This On To Unit Members: Can a probationary employee appeal his/her termination?  You bet s/he can.  In fact, there are more than a dozen different arguments a probationer can raise.  … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST#2 (EEO- Religious Accommodation) QUESTION: An employee calls her union rep, you, on the phone to ask if anything can be done to help her comply with the demands of her faith.  She practices Islam and is at … Continue reading

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FED EX FLIPS FEDS THE BIRD The New York Times just published a headline story entitled, “How Fed Ex Cut Its Tax Bill to Zero.” But we think a better title for the federal employee community would be the one … Continue reading

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25 MANAGEMENT ACTIONS FEDERAL EMPLOYEES COMMONLY GRIEVE PASS ME ON TO UNIT MEMBERS– You may never have filed a grievance challenging a management decision, but thousands of federal employees do each year and many get the corrective action they wanted—whether … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #1 (LR- Remedies) QUESTION: An employee stops her union rep, you, in the cafeteria to report that her manager will no longer let her telework the three days a week she has for the last year. He … Continue reading

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WHY FEDSMILL WILL EXISTS EVEN AFTER THE 1,000 POSTS TO DATE Although management usually has more power than employees, a union rep with expert knowledge of what law, regulation and contract already entitled employees to and who knows multiple ways … Continue reading

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DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE DUAL NATURE OF LABOR AGREEMENTS? FLRA just issued a decision in which it upheld an agency’s right to unilaterally terminate the terms of an existing labor agreement because the labor agreement said either party had the … Continue reading

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SES EXEC EXPOSES HR B.S. & GETS $250,000.+ Kudos to the Dept. of Agriculture executive who took on the bogus promotion selection system at Agriculture and won big. She filed an (EEO) complaint alleging that she was discriminated against based … Continue reading

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