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DEFENDING FEDERAL EMPLOYEES IN PIP CASES From time to time, we scan the blogs of various law firms that specialize in representing federal employees and find very useful information.  So, we thought we would start passing on links to these … Continue reading

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TWO FEDS GET SHARE OF $1.7 MILLION FINE AGAINST CHEATING CONTRACTORS Private contractors are everywhere in government because a bundle of politicians believe that private sector firms can always do the work faster, better, and cheaper than federal employees.  I … Continue reading

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NLRB STOMPS ON EMPLOYER’S CONFIDENTIALITY & NON-DISCLOSURE ENFORCEMENT Lots of employer’s try to gag what employees or former employees can say about it, but it turns out that if that interferes with employees’ labor law rights, the NLRB is going … Continue reading

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BIG VICTORY FOR RELIGIOUSLY OBSERVANT FEDS Bret, a Jew, told his agency that his faith requires him to forgo work on the Sabbath, which runs from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. Despite that, management scheduled him to work … Continue reading

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REINSTATEMENT & FRONT PAY AFTER REMOVAL FOR 840 HOURS OF AWOL/LWOP  Let’s count the mistakes the FBI made in terminating this employee (Emmitt) who had asked for a disability-related reasonable accommodation. First, the employee’s supervisor showed up at his house … Continue reading

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WHAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN WHEN YOU CALL IN SICK I’ll bet that what happened in this recent case is very, very common. An employee, Jade, called in to say she needed to be hospitalized due to stomach pains and needed … Continue reading

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GREAT PODCAST ABOUT “ASSOCIATIONAL DISCRIMINATION” Got 15 minutes?  If so, we suggest you checkout this podcast about a kind of discrimination that most of us never hear about. It will help you when union members suffer any of a very wide … Continue reading

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ARE YOU GETTING PREPARED? Feds prosper or suffer depending on who is in the White House.  With at least the potential for a very anti-federal union and federal employee taking over a year from now, unions should be taking a … Continue reading

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MSPB CLARIFIES WHEN AN AGENCY CAN TERMINATE FOR LEAVE ABUSE A GS-14 Supervisory Administrative Specialist at the SBA sustained a compensable injury requiring surgery and leave.  When she was cleared by her doctor to return to work, she requested a … Continue reading

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OUTSTANDING!!!  NFFE ACHIEVES 14% NET GROWTH IN 2023  We at FEDSMILL have always believed that the most important measures of a union are its membership stats. If people are joining, then the union is obviously providing them the value they … Continue reading

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