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ACCOMMODATING ALMOST EVERY TIME IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH Not long ago the Dept. of Defense tried to defend itself against an allegation that it had failed to provide a deaf employee a reasonable accommodation by pointing out that it had … Continue reading

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 WHEN AGENCIES LIE IN SETTLEMENT TALKS Here are the facts that MSPB recently faced.  Two employees got into a fight at the workplace and were fired. As their MSPB appeal hearings grew closer, the agency made settlement offers and one … Continue reading

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CANCER VICTIMS’ RIGHTS IN THE WORKPLACE EEOC has just updated its Q&A about the rights cancer victims have in the workplace.   Among the more relevant questions are 1-  What other types of reasonable accommodations may employees with cancer need? 2- … Continue reading

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OUR FAVORITE APPROPRIATE ARRANGEMENT PROPOSALS (Pt. 2- Postponing Implementation) When management finally notifies the union of a proposed midterm change it wishes to make pursuant to its 7106 management rights, it usually is very eager to implement it.  Often, it is … Continue reading

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WHY VA NURSES SHOULD STUDY WALL STREET Wall Street moguls might not care about values, ethics, morality, statutes, humanity, the environment, the common good, or world peace, but the U.S. Veteran Affairs nurses could benefit greatly from doing what they … Continue reading

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OUR FAVORITE APPROPRIATE ARRANGEMENT PROPOSALS (Pt. 1) Agency managers are free to change anything in an employee’s working conditions they choose (and whenever they choose) so long as they are exercising a 7106 management right.  They can assign an employee new … Continue reading

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NTEU REELS IN $2.61 MILLION FOR FDIC DISCRIMINATION VICTIMS Long-time FEDSMILL readers might remember our posting entitled, “FDIC Flips, Flops, Flaps, & Flails” in which we described how mightily FDIC management was struggling to get off the hook of a … Continue reading

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MSPB EXPANDS ACCUSED EMPLOYEE’S RIGHT TO INFORMATION A Homeland Security Agent was fired for falsifying an official form.  When he tried to defend himself by pointing out how supervisory employees who committed the same offense were not fired, DHS management … Continue reading

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