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A VERY HELPFUL SHOP STEWARD TOOL It is not easy remembering all the different ULP’s managers can commit or the union’s right to attend formal meetings or a dozen or so other legal issues that pop up regularly in a … Continue reading

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EXCLUDING UNION REPS FROM CHOICE ASSIGNMENTS Almost every job has those few assignments that carry hidden benefits, e.g., they almost always earn those assigned a cash award, generate extra promotion points, or even almost automatically boost one’s appraisal.  What right … Continue reading

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OFFICER CANDIDATE SCHOOL (OCS) FOR UNION REPS On the way to my 2nd Lt. bars, OCS put me in a series of high stress mock combat situations to assess the quality of the decision I would make as the commander. One … Continue reading

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FLRA POSTS 9 TRAINING FILMS ON THE ULP INVESTIGATION PROCESS The Authority has done a great job of explaining every step of the ULP investigation process for anyone who might be involve in one on behalf of a union member … Continue reading

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U.S. COURT CONFIRMS THAT ABBOTT & KIKO MANIPULATE EVIDENCE Dubester tried to warn the two tooting Trumpettes, Kiko & Abbott, when they first made their decision that they were using fake facts to overturn a union ULP win. But, of … Continue reading

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WELL, THEY DID IT AGAIN AT FLRA We’re not referring to Abbott and Kiko overturning yet another long-standing labor law principle, ruling against a union, nor even overturning an arbitrator. That is who they are and what the President expected … Continue reading

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AAGGGHHHH!  THIS MISTAKE HURTS! We have written about this before, yet still double over with pain every time we see this blunder.  Although we are not going to identify the union or even proclaim that it was the union rather … Continue reading

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NWSEO CHARGES AGENCY SPIES ON ITS MEMBERS The Washington Post just posted a story about the employees of the National Weather Service alleging that the agency has spied on them through the union’s Facebook page. Long time NWSEO union leader … Continue reading

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ABA LABOR LAW UPDATE & THE CBP MUSHROOM CLOUD For those of you out in our blogosphere who like to stay up with the latest twists and turns in federal sector labor law we recommend reading through the American Bar … Continue reading

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NTEU TRIPS ITSELF UP ON CBP DISPUTE When Customs and Border Protection management decided to install new work stations for officers inspecting travelers, NTEU asked to bargain, and one of its demands was that officers be allowed to sit while … Continue reading

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