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BROAD PROBE OF FEDERAL EMPLOYEES GETS SPECIFIC WITH NAMES Joe Davidson of the Washington Post just wrote a piece every federal sector union rep should read with the same title as this post. It outlines how a certain Congressman from … Continue reading

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ARBITRATION’S MUTANT TURTLE One of the prices we pay for the otherwise exquisite benefits of evolution is that every so often it runs amok and gives us things like body piercings, kale shakes, and the Honey Boo Boo show.  So, … Continue reading

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SANDERS AND CLINTON VISIT WITH AFGE TSA  COUNCIL 100 Just a few short years after choosing AFGE, TSA union leaders are commanding the kind of respect that some entire national unions never get. Check out their web site for pictures of … Continue reading

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NTEU GRIEVANCE DECISION HIGHLIGHTS DRAFTING ERROR See if you can spot the error in this case. Six employees were improperly denied annual leave requests. The union filed individual grievances for each of them and at arbitration consolidated them under the … Continue reading

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NTEU STUNG BY IRS FLIM-FLAM? We ran across an article in NTEU’s Chapter 60 “Watchdog” newsletter that shines a bright light on the games too many agencies play with their performance award money. Given that the story is written by … Continue reading

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HAS CBP SURRENDERED IN MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BACK PAY CASE? Close to 20,000 current, former, and possibly dead Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO) got what should be great news in January. (DHS, CBP v. FLRA, D.C.Cir., No. 15-1471, January 29, 2016) … Continue reading

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UNION WINS ARBITRATION FOR NON-UNIT EMPLOYEE That’s right; you are not seeing things. The union filed a grievance on behalf of a non-unit temporarily assigned to unit work.  When the agency did not pay the employee what it was required … Continue reading

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NEW EEOC PUBLICATION OUTLINES ADA RIGHTS OF HIV-POSITIVE EMPLOYEES The title says it all. If you area involved with an HIV-positive employee, as a union rep or manager, this is something you need to look through.

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ATHEIST ENTITLED TO “RELIGIOUS” ACCOMMODATION How far can unbelievers insist their employers go to respect their beliefs about religion?  Here is an interesting story about a new court case that suggests atheists have as much of a right to demand … Continue reading

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DO UNION ATTORNEY FEES VIOLATE NONMEMBERS’ CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS? Labor unions are breathing a sigh of relief now that Justice Scalia chose an ultra-rightwing meeting of animal killers to steal the spotlight by following the groups’ prey to another place.  He … Continue reading

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