Signing up new members is a duty of every union representative and as important as anything else a union does throughout the year.  FEDSMILL.com wants to help.  Many of the articles we post are designed to educate and appeal to the average employee.  Our goals are to draw them to the union and if they are members already to make their commitment deeper.  We have catalogued these article under the TOPIC of “Membership Building” listed on the right-side of our page.  Please use them liberally with the employees in your bargaining unit to draw them to your union.  Feel free to shamelssly copy them and forward them as e-mails throughout your unit, post them on your web site, print and distribute them, or whatever else works for you.  Do not worry about any copyright; we waive it for any union using our words to build membership. But we would appreciate you mentioning where you got the material from.

You can even modify our words to fit your own situation if you wish.  In that case, make it clear the material is yours, not ours.

Good luck getting those 1187’s.

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  1. Tonie A Edwards says:

    Please email me the form SF 1187

    thank you

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