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GAG ORDERS In our experience, gag orders or anything like that used to stop someone from talking about “bad stuff” that may be happening at the job are terrible.  FEDSWEEK just wrote a short piece on how gag orders imposed … Continue reading

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MENOPAUSE DISCRIMINATION One thing we try to do at Fedsmill is to make union reps aware of new issues developing in the employee and labor rights areas.  For now, we will just call your attention to this article from Forbes … Continue reading

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WHAT DID THIS UNION DO WRONG? Here are the facts.  See if you can figure out two things the union did wrong.  The agency had a practice of placing a guard at each of its strategically important locations around its … Continue reading

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CAN UNIONS SACRIFICE RETIRED GRIEVANTS? Every so often we hear from a union officer trying to settle a grievance asking whether s/he can cut out of the deal anyone no longer in the unit, agency, or even federal government. For … Continue reading

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