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WHAT DO THE CHIEF HUMAN CAPITAL OFFICERS HAVE TO SAY? If you want to know, click into their web site every week or so to see.  It is entitled and contains transmittals that have been sent around among them.  … Continue reading

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CONGRATS TO AFGE’S TSA COUNCIL We just noticed that the TSA council posted a Dept. of Labor report last month showing that it has over 15,000 members.  That is great news for the employees of that unit, AFGE, and the rest … Continue reading

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CRITICAL CONTRACT CLAUSES (#3) – Creative Arbitration Provisions Every federal sector contract has an arbitration clause, but a lot of them have not changed much in decades despite a raft of problems with the process, e.g., slow arbitrators, FLRA reversals … Continue reading

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HOW MUCH IS AGED COMP TIME WORTH? FLRA and the Air Force have an on-going disagreement over something known as aged comp time, which is comp time that remains unused at the time that the agency regulations required it be … Continue reading

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A FSIP DECISION TO REMEMBER Although this one is about an old case, it is one you are likely to never uncover if looking for ways to solve a ULP problem.  Everyone knows that a union can pursue a ULP … Continue reading

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FLRA MAKES CREDITING PLANS NEGOTIABLE But don’t look for a formal FLRA decision stating they are. Look instead at the reasoning FLRA used when ruling union crediting plan proposals were not negotiable. FLRA forces management to negotiate over something in … Continue reading

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FORCING AGENCIES TO RESTRUCTURE JOBS The labor law gives management the right to assign duties to a position, which totally prevents a union from proposing that the job be restructured for any purpose, e.g., greater efficiency, upward mobility, or even … Continue reading

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WHAT SHOULD NATIONAL UNION EXECUTIVE BOARDS BE DOING? There are several kinds of executive boards in the corporate and non-profit worlds ranging from the merely ceremonial rubber stamp varieties to those that engage in the active oversight management of the … Continue reading

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THE OTHER OVERTIME REMEDY There is an on-going fight between labor and management as to what is the correct remedy when a supervisor fails to give an employee an overtime assignment s/he was due under law and/or the contract. Management … Continue reading

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