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WHAT DO SELECTING OFFICIALS OWE BQ CANDIDATES–AGAIN?  We can’t say this often enough.  When Selecting Officials non-select BQ candidates, especially those with higher scores than the selectee, the Selecting Official (SO) must provide the non-selected applicant something more than a … Continue reading

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THE CHAIRMAN’S FAVORITE MANAGEMENT BLUNDER One of the best ways to teach is to tell a story and our chairman reels off one after another at board meetings.  But he has a favorite and it involves a case precedent that … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #9  (Ratifying FSIP Orders) QUESTION: What happens when a union refuses to ratify a term agreement partially based on an order from the Panel?  Can the agency just turn around and ask the Panel to impose the … Continue reading

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FSIP BACKS OFF The Panel does not publicize its decisions over whether or not to take jurisdiction, but they are very important to the LR community nonetheless.  In the case of Patent and Trademark Office and POPA, 20 FSIP 045 … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #8 (Part 2) – Prohibited Personnel Practices (PPP)  This continues the self-assessment of your knowledge of prohibited personnel practices. Read through the hypothetical situations provided under each PPP and decide what you think.  The correct responses are … Continue reading

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THE MONSTER OF EAGLE BUTTE, SOUTH DAKOTA It has been a long time since we have run across as despicable a federal manager as the one at an HHS office there.  When an employee, a clinical pharmacist, filed an EEO … Continue reading

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PROBATIONARY VA MUSLIM MD GETS OVER $3 MILLION FOR DISCRIMINATION On July 5, 2013, a VA Doctor filed a formal EEO complaint claiming that the VA discriminated against him based on race, national origin (Middle Eastern), religion (Muslim), and in … Continue reading

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EMPLOYEE AWARDED TELEWORK AND $30,000.00  An arbitrator found that the agency violated the Rehabilitation Act and the agreement by denying the grievant a reasonable accommodation. As remedy, he directed the agency to grant the grievant a telework schedule, and awarded $30,000 in … Continue reading

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YOUR BOSS WANTS YOU BACK IN THE OFFICE — AN EMPLOYMENT LAW EXPERT EXPLAINS YOUR RIGHTS We are passing along an article from MarketWatch that has ideas to help employees who do not want to be ordered back into the … Continue reading

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UPDATE: BAR CHARGES FILED Just thought we would let you know that charges were filed against Kiko and Abbott, Trump’s political operatives at the FLRA over their very deliberate and deceptive misrepresentation of a Supreme Court decision.  We fully support … Continue reading

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