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WHAT IS ADEQUATE NOTICE OF CRIMINAL IMMUNITY? The U. S Constitution permits a federal employees not to answer official questions put to them in any investigation proceeding, civil or criminal, formal or informal, when the answers might incriminate them in … Continue reading

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WHAT IRS NOW KNOWS ABOUT “MISGENDERING” AND “DEADNAMING” A GS-8 Contact Representative from Chamblee, Georgia just schooled the IRS on what these terms mean and why it is illegal to engage in them. “Deadnaming” is the practice of  …

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THE OH SO ILLEGAL LOVE(?) LETTER As EEOC tells it, a supervisor sent one of his employees female the following email: “Is this a Micro-aggression, me and Mikey were trying to decide? [m]an, you got a big b**ty for a … Continue reading

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RETURNING TO A WORKABLE 7116(d) FORUM SELECTION ANALYSIS Among the precedents the two Trump FLRA appointees destroyed was the Authority’s decades-long approach to objectively deciding whether a union can take “two bites at the apple.” This post is about how … Continue reading

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GOOD NEWS ABOUT DOUGLAS FACTORS 6 & 10 Homeland Security fired a Deportation Officer because he traveled home from an assignment in Chile a day earlier than scheduled and spent the day with his family.  DHS also cited the fact … Continue reading

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SOLIDARITY FOREVER? MY TUCKUS!!! “Solidarity forever” is one of the great labor songs. It praises unions for uniting all their members together as equals—the ultimate democracies and the polar opposite of top-down corporate control systems. It is also a PR … Continue reading

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IT IS “FOLLOW THE UNION MONEY” TIME AGAIN Want to know how your union is spending dues money, e.g., who is getting paid what, which outside contractors have been hired, how often the union went to arbitration last year, etc.? … Continue reading

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WHAT SHOULD A UNION’S INTERNAL DISCIPLINE PROCESS LOOK LIKE? Union leaders as well as members are equally capable of violating the law, regulation or even their own union constitution. Consequently, all unions have a process outlined in their constitution and … Continue reading

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JOAN, ETHEL, FEDSMILL AND TEMPORARY PROMOTION BACK PAY Almost 18 months ago, on July 29, 2022, we spelled out why OPM was wrong to prohibit paying  employees detailed or otherwise assigned to higher graded work for more than 120 days … Continue reading

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UNION WIN OF THE CENTURY? For years now, there have been about 4,000 employees at the National Institute of Health (NIH) just outside Washington, DC who have been eager to organize a union.  Their colleagues at the Food and Drug … Continue reading

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