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AAGGGHHHH!  THIS MISTAKE HURTS! We have written about this before, yet still double over with pain every time we see this blunder.  Although we are not going to identify the union or even proclaim that it was the union rather … Continue reading

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BOOKMARK USAFACTS.ORG There is a ton of data on the various agency web sites that labor-management reps on both sides of the table can benefit from.  We have posted several in our menu bar button “Research Links.”  But useful data … Continue reading

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PROBATIONARY WHISTLEBLOWING MANAGER REINSTATED When a DOD safety officer had the nerve to actually report safety hazards and climb the chain of command ladder to disclose his command was not reporting injuries to OSHA as required by regulation, he got … Continue reading

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PETER SUTTON’S VERY HOT POTATO Peter, the Acting FLRA General Counsel, has a very hot potato in his lap. A case working its way through one of the regional offices stems from the fact that the FSIP ordered an agency … Continue reading

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SSA SCHEMES TO SCREW SENIORS EEOC just found that several offices of the Social Security Administration have been scheming to exclude employees over the age of 40 from moving into jobs with higher career promotion.  EEOC not only gave eight employees … Continue reading

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SAY “THANKS, BUT NO THANKS” TO BACK PAY FROM FSIP OR INTEREST ARBITRATORS- Part 2 Less than a month ago we posted an article warning the parties, but particularly unions, about the potential problems with asking the Panel or interest … Continue reading

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AFGE DEFIES THE MEMBERSHIP GROWTH ODDS The Congress has severely restrained agency funding for years, which should mean that unions are finding it harder and harder to add more members. But AFGE has not only managed to beat the odds … Continue reading

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