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KIKO & ABBOTT GET GREEN LIGHT TO CRACK DOWN ON “SEXUAL DEVIANTS” If there is one thing that is undeniable about Kiko & Abbott it is that they have been true to the policies of their political cult.  Just about … Continue reading

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“SHE IS ON MEDICATION” A supervisor asked a contractor to keep an eye on an employee who had yelled and cursed on the job that day and to report back to him about any further incidents. The supervisor then told … Continue reading

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NEGOTIATOR ALERT: Kiko & Abbott are working hard to undermine, gut or obliterate nearly every right employees and unions have.  But, often all they are doing is placing extra obstacles in the road that practitioners can get around if they … Continue reading

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A BIG OLD LIAR & A BIG OLD BP+ CHECK One of the things that pops out of reading the cases employees win before EEOC is how blatant the lies are told by agency officials. Normally, we don’t comment on … Continue reading

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KIKO-ABBOTT RIP UP ANOTHER ARBITRATION AWARD Continuing their campaign of overturning virtually any arbitrator award that dares to sustain a grievance, this dynamic duo of decisional dissembling has created yet another reasons for screwing over employees. Moreover, they did it … Continue reading

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EEOC REJECTS “LIP SERVICE” FOR THE DEAF/HOH (AN UPDATE) There is not any breaking news here or newly-established legal precedent—and that is sad. This post is about yet another fed who requested a sign language interpreter for a last-minute meeting … Continue reading

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CONGRATS TO NWSEO ON DECISION-MAKING OPENNESS It is easy to keep union members, even stewards and some officers, in the dark about what is happening in the bargaining table to revise the current term contract.  In fact, hoarding information about … Continue reading

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AN APPROACHING ATTORNEY FEE APOCALYPSE? Not long ago, deep inside the bowels of a management think tank on a well-guarded federal reservation, some LR managers noticed that in three virtually identical D.C. area, employee suspension cases won by the employees … Continue reading

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HOW KIKO AND ABBOTT CAN TORMENT THE GAY COMMUNITY We certainly are not advocating they do this; in fact, that would be terrible.  However, Kiko and Abbott have repeatedly proven their loyalty to the President who appointed them by gutting … Continue reading

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CHURCH LADY SMITES DOD Score another one for all the Sunday church-going Christians in their battle to spend their Sabbath worshiping.  This time DOD learned the hard way that it must offer a “reasonable accommodation” to allow employees to practice … Continue reading

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