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QUIZ: HOW DO UNION STAFFERS INFLUENCE LOCAL ELECTIONS? Let’s start with a hypothetical. Assume that the local’s election of officers is coming up in three months and that the only member who can beat the current local president is waffling … Continue reading

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CAN SOLAR PANELS BOOST UNION MEMBERSHIP? One way unions attract new members is by offering benefits, especially economic benefits, only to members. The benefit must be attractive by itself, the savings substantial, and the deal limited only to members. But … Continue reading

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TRANSGENDER FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WINS DISCRIMINATION CASE The Washington Post just published a story about how the U.S. Special Counsel convinced the Dept. of Army to correct the harm done to a transgender employee from “frequent, pervasive, and humiliating” gender-identity discrimination. … Continue reading

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BID & ROTATION DYNAMICS The Panel just issued a decision dealing with the right of AFGE Correctional Officers to bid into various assignments by seniority. (AFGE, 2014 FSIP 48) NTEU CBP Officers and several other law enforcement groups have similar … Continue reading

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DEVELOPING NATIONAL UNION LEADERS FROM WITHIN Running a national labor unions well demands a lot of skill. AFGE, for example, has an annual budget of over $100 million, 300,000 members, and thousands of locals involving almost every government agency. Even … Continue reading

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CAPE COD LAWYER RESCUES DISABLED CBP OFFICERS Not long ago we posted a story entitled, “MSPB Recklessly Denies CBP Officers Disability Rights,” which described a new MSPB decision holding that it was not (and likely would never be) a reasonable … Continue reading

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THE BEST OF FEDSMILL ON BARGAINING We have been at this for three years, but so many of our readers either joined us after we started or were in very different union leadership positions then. So, we thought we would … Continue reading

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