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UNION REP TEST #15 (Information Access) Which of the following does a union not have to reveal to management to meet the “particularized need” standard for getting information. A.  Why it needs the information,   B.   The Uses to which it will … Continue reading

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CATHOLICS, GRANDADS, FACEMASKS & DISCRIMINATION The EEOC’s willingness to protect against religious discrimination continues to surprise us. In the latest decision an employee of the Navy refused to shave his beard to obtain his respirator certification. Given the respirator would … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #21- (FMLA, DISABILITIES, AND LIGHT DUTY) An employee, Jessie Crutch, had a long-time reasonable accommodation of being allowed to rest his hip for a few minutes every few hours while working as a warehouse custodian.  As the … Continue reading

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OPPOSED TO VAX ON RELIGIOUS GROUNDS? PREP TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS Unions are going to be hit with a wave of members asking for them to defend the member’s resistance to mandatory vaccinations based on religious grounds. Even if they … Continue reading

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OFFICER CANDIDATE SCHOOL (OCS) FOR UNION REPS On the way to my 2nd Lt. bars, OCS put me in a series of high stress mock combat situations to assess the quality of the decision I would make as the commander. One … Continue reading

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IS YOUR AGENCY IG OUTMANEUVERING YOUR UNION? Late in the last century, AFGE started to launch EEOC class action claims against agencies on behalf of minority groups who were denied promotions and other benefits.  Then in the early years of … Continue reading

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EEOC SUES TO ESTABLISH COVID TELEWORK ADA RIGHT Here we go. EEOC has gone to federal court to begin fleshing out a statutory right to telework under the ADA for those who qualify as disabled under the ADA and for … Continue reading

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WHEN THE GERMANS BOMBED PEARL HARBOR One of the great lines from film is the Animal House passage where one of the frat boys declares that nothing is over until the frat declares it over—just like it wasn’t over for … Continue reading

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BOSS’ ‘PARAMOUR PREFERENCE’ NOT DISCRIMINATION Check out the story from Reuters outlining how managers can favor their in-office lovers (or just flings) over other employees without violating discrimination laws. But do not forget that even if this does not violate … Continue reading

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QUESTION: WHEN IS A PIP A ULP? ANSWER: ALMOST ALWAYS The law requires that employee performance standards be written so as “. . . to the maximum extent feasible, permit the accurate evaluation of job performance on the basis of … Continue reading

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